Chapter 2 Part 1

That contestant’s face flushed as red as a pig’s liver, with a callous heart, he flung up a handful of flour, and started to make Lanzhou pulled noodles (ramen).

As his ball of dough got bigger, gradually it seemed as if it is turning into a concealed dart (with the intent to assassinate).

Lin Wuniao dodged several times, was again hit on the back of her head, finally ran out of patience, with a swipe pinched the dough that he flung over, also threw it into her own noodle soup: “!@#$%, Brother, did you come here to settle the mood?” She was furious.

“You from Lin Family, you are so poisonous!” The last ingredient was finally used up, that contestant let out an earth-shaking and depressed scream, held his face in his hands, and ran out in a mess.

Lin Wuniao twirled the dough that he launched at her, turned her head speechlessly, and continued to earnestly stew her instant noodles.

Sir Miao, what do you think of newly selected youngster from Lin Family?” Nobleman Li Xiang laughed as he slowly sipped a mouthful of tea, and turned his face to look at the corner of Miao Manxi’s mouth twitching unceasingly.

As a matter of fact, from the beginning, Imperial Chef Miao’s eyes hadn’t departed from Lin Wuniao.

He was not a stranger to her, just yesterday, they had actually been on the street, each person protecting a child, tumbling all over the floor. Of course he knows that she is a charitable and virtuous person, her own elbow had been smeared full of bloodstains, yet still did not forget to protect the child with her body above all else. However, recalling how she brainlessly dashed out of the speeding carriage, his heart was chilled for a while.

She was just like a very foolish and very naïve brat, if she entered the Imperial Kitchen, she would definitely overturn the heavens and earth in the Imperial Kitchen for certain.

This was purely from his first impression, he acted without taking time to think, answered Nobleman Li: “Ling Family’s contestant, her age is still small, if she entered the Imperial Palace as an assistant in the Imperial Kitchen, it might not be appropriate.”

Nobleman Li’s face faintly sank, thinking of the gold and silver that the Lin Family Head sent over a bit earlier today, secretly very unhappy in his heart: “But this year she is Lin Family’s favorite to win the culinary competition, compared to the age you started your career at, she is only younger by a couple of years, to enter this Imperial Kitchen to become an assistant, why wouldn’t it be suitable.”

Implying, to become you Miao Manxi’s assistant, there was more than enough to spare.

Miao Manxi coldly looked at him: “Nobleman, you are well aware, if the selection this time is somewhat lax, with regard to them, entering the Imperial Palace, is not only not likely to be a blessing, but it is also very probable they would not be able to protect their own lives.”

There had never been anyone who had opposed him this much to his face, Nobleman Li pursed his lips darkly in fury, underneath the sleeves of his robe, and both fists are trembling in anger. If it were not for the current emperor who only loved to eat Miao Manxi’s dishes, he would have flipped this table right in front of Miao Manxi.

“I will not choose her to enter the palace as an assistant; that would be harming her.” Miao Manxi looked at him patiently, very earnestly repeating his intention once again.

This time, Nobleman Li finally erupted with rage. If this old cat does not roar to show authority, then he (Master Miao) would still think he is the tiger of the south! The South China Tiger is very possibly extinct as no wild specimens have been observed since the 1970s.

“Miao Manxi, do not be so pompous, you recommend your own contestant, and I will recommend my own contestant, if the one from Lin Family is unable to win, the Imperial Kitchen will just have to make do without an assistant.”

His words having been said this far, it is already the same as ripping each other’s face and shedding all sense of cordiality. Miao Manxi is just frigidly indifferent, but he is not a fool, he also pursed his lips, no longer persisting. A black pupil, like a dark expanse of water whose depths cannot be perceived with the eye, forbid others from clearly seeing the thoughts held in his heart.

Seeing the two of them settle down, the atmosphere gradually lifted again.