Anecdotes of a Lady Chef

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Author: 我是苏素

Translator: murcottt

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Anecdotes of a Lady Chef is the honest tale of a crazy lady chef and reserved imperial chef, a crafty prince and idiot girl. Just as she was making instant noodles, the Lin family's daughter, Wuniao,  time-traveled into the battle to become the champion of chefs. She then made noodles with the brilliant prince and imperial chef.

Lin Wuniao was blind in the kitchen and had no ambition. Despite being born to a noble family of chefs, neither her legs nor her arms were diligent in practicing. Rather, too lazy to practice cooking, she was only skilled in the art of cooking instant noodles.

By chance, because she was cooking instant noodles, the pressure cooker exploded and she was blasted into a country that did not exist in history - the Jin Dynasty. There, Lin Wuniao transformed with a single shake, becoming the recommended chef of the imperial kitchen's first chief manager, the imperial Lin kitchen.

Without even the slightest bit of culinary talent, Lin Wuniao had no choice but to toughen up and participate in the selection for the imperial kitchen. Relying on five packs of instant noodles and a stick of Maybelline lipstick, she smoothly got chosen.

After entering the emperor's palace, handsome men and beautiful cuisine became the modern-day Lin Wuniao's romantic undertaking, a double harvest. Not only did she harvest the love of the mensao kitchen chief, she also obtained the title of the first in the palace hall's imperial chefs.

Yet, because of the ambiguousness of the chief manager of the imperial kitchen, Miao Manxi, she was drawn into an inner court rebellion. On one side, a beautiful man. On the other, a beautiful career. At the end of the day, which one should she conquer?

Editor's Review:

Hair-raisingly hilarious, the crazy lady chef decisively battles the imperial palace with the powerful beauty of the kitchen-blind. She challenges the imperial kitchen with pots, bowls, ladles, baisins; battling to the summit.

Author's note:

An old composition from very, very long ago. The writing technique is somewhat soft and immature. Before saving the new manuscripts, I'm first releasing this work. Everyone can just take a look at this as they wish, it'll be alright as long as you're happy. Thank you! (There are bugs in the manuscript, everyone can just think of it as an amusing little story. Don't take it too seriously. Thanks and gratitude for all the support from the past up until now~)

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